Selling your Investment Property

We understand the needs of our investors, whether you are considering the sale of one investment property, or considering the direction of your extended portfolio, we can assist you with your selling decision.

Our situations are constantly evolving as our lifestyle changes, here are a number of reasons why our investors sell their investments

  • Upgrading investment and net value, great for down markets
  • Lifestyle- Upgrade your own home
  • Reduce Debt, commonly a lifestyle decision
  • Retirement
  • Changing Investment Types e.g  Super or Shares as markets change

Selling an investment property is a little different to selling your own home, primarily because you have a tenant in place at the property. Apart from the marketing and presentation of the property, here are a few tips to help you understand how the sale process works with an occupied investment property.

– It’s often best that your sales agent comes from the same business as your property management business. That way the sales agent has access to all the relevant information at all times.  Also should the new buyer be an investor, then we can ensure a smooth transfer of management, making sure all accounting and ledgers are correct.

– Inspections: Your sales agent will need to get written consent from the tenant to hold open homes, an onsite auction and also to display internal photographs  on any marketing campaign. Getting this consent will assist
your sale greatly.
– Lease: Know the terms of the lease agreement you have in place with your tenant/s. Any pending sale made needs to incorporate that these lease terms stay in place and cannot be altered without the consent of the tenant. Often investors wish to sell a property with a lease in place, however the purchasers wishes to move in prior to the lease completing.
– Be Flexible: When selling a property with a lease in place this can limit your opportunity to just an investor. Ask your property manager to discuss should the you compensate the tenant would they be happy to move earlier if there was interest from a owner occupier. In some cases this may be not possible, however if the tenant receives a discounted rent for a period or a reduced lease period they may be happy to secure something elsewhere. Often both parties can achieve a better result working together in a fair manner.