Maintaining a Good Rental History

By Courtney Wade

Maintaining a Good Rental History

At Ray White we have an intensive application process when tenants are applying for rental properties. When applying for a property you will be required to fill in an application form with all of your current employment and rental history and three personal references which will all be contacted in the process of processing your application form for a potential property. Once you have been approved for a property a National Tenancy Database Check will be conducted that also shows us if you have been renting property and not told us or misinformed us in any way.

To insure that you have no issues in obtaining a rental property you should insure that you keep a good rental record. Things to keep in mind when renting a property are:

1. Read Your Lease

Read your lease cover to cover before you sign it. At Ray White we conduct a half an hour tenant induction prior to your lease commences so we can go through the leases with you insuring that you understand everything prior to signing the lease, It will help you catch potential problems before they actually happen. If you know you have a special circumstance, such as a family member or friend who visits regularly, tell us about it ahead of time. If the owner makes any verbal agreement with you, like providing lawn care, make sure this is all in the written lease agreement and signed by all parties. Then ask for a copy of the lease for yourself once it is fully signed.

2. Don’t Break the Lease

Most renters think of breaking a lease in terms of the big things like not paying the rent, cutting out early or subletting without permission. However, smaller lease points count too. If you do become in breach of your tenancy the owner can go through the process of breaching you of the tenancy agreement through a VCAT process. The better you stick to your lease, the better chance you have of existing peacefully with your landlord and agent.

3. Pay Your Rent on Time

Nothing makes a landlord happier than a renter who pays rent on time every month. Make sure you have paid your rent five days before it’s due to avoid any mail or bank hold-ups. And since no one is immune from financial hardship, if you know you might have to pay late one month, let us know as soon as possible so that we can inform the owner.

4. Treat Your Rental Like You Own It

Taking good care of your rental will help ensure that you get your bond back when you move out, and it will also put you in good favour with your landlord. While normal wear and tear is typical in rental units, do not cause any major damage to the rental. Damages will eat away at your security deposit and annoy your landlord. Keep your rental property clean, this goes double if you have pets. Pet owners typically become de-sensitized to the odour their pets give off, but we will notice it. If your landlord comes in and sees your unit in a good, clean, scent-free condition, he’ll trust you more.

5. Be co-operative

As a tenant there are different reasons why someone will be required to enter your property. If you have reported maintenance a tradesman will have to gain access to the property to attend to these items, if you do not alow the tradesman through the property it will get worse and make the issue bigger at the property. If the property is going to be sold the owner may arrange for a bank valuation or sales valuation on the property. If the owner does decide to sell the property make sure that you keep the property neat and tidy and always co-operate as you never know if the purchaser is an investor and might want to keep a tenant in the rental property.

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