Holiday Landlord Insurance

Short Stay Policies are specifically designed for landlords of short term rentals and holiday homes.

  • If your property is being rented as a holiday home for periods of less than 12 weeks, then you can find a policy that may cover you for:
    • Premises left untenantable due to malicious damage to the
    • Building – up to $50,000 rent
    • Failure to give vacant possession – up to $25,000 rent
    • Prevention of access – up to $25,000 rent
    • Death of a tenant – up to $25,000 rent
    • Premises left untenantable due to insurable damage to you
    • Contents – up to $6,000 rent
    • Legal Expenses – up to $5,000

(There is no weekly rent limit, however each event is limited to a maximum number of weeks rent).

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* Please note, that you will need to investigate and organise you own insurance before tenants move into your property.